Thursday, December 3, 2009

BubbleGum Pink Peasant Top made it on today :)

I am so tickled that Craftgawker found my picture of the Butterfly Garden Peasant Top nice enough to showcase in the gallery this morning :). I am admittingly not a great photographer so it was a pleasant surprise for sure!

Click here for The Butterfly Garden Peasant Top

For those of you who sell your handmade/custom items and would like to submit a piece to them, visit Craftgawker .

I am so fortunate to have five precious kids and a wonderful husband that have been truly supportive and if nothing else, are the biggest and best fans I could ever ask for....

These are a few of my fav pictures of my beautiful girls loving the clothes their in!

Funky Fresh Flowers for Girls
(you'll see that she just *had* to have the pink & white sparkly shoes even though they just don't quite match....)

12 Days of Christmas.......

I was so thrilled by this picture....  I just love the way her hair flows in the sweet Hawaiian breeze.

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