Friday, May 7, 2010

Fast Food VS Home Cooked

Its been awhile (okay, a month) since I've posted on here but this is something that's been on my mind alot lately.  Without a doubt, I have a "large" family, 5 kids is nearly 3 times the "average" for the USA so while this may not work out to the same savings for every family, it definitely makes sense for us $$ wise but health wise too.

Let me preface this with the fact that my kids love the idea of fast food-- french fries, the toy, etc.  And, I will readily admit, I love Big Macs & french fries.  BUT these days, fast food has increasingly become more expensive than eating at home.  Not to mention how "bad" it really is-- the calories, the fat, the sugar, and all of the "ingredients" that make it taste so good.

We are a family of 7 (2 adults 5 kids) so eating at Mc D's, the King, etc. costs us about $45 by the time you factor in 4 kids meals (roughly $3.50 ea), 3 adult meals (about $6.50 each) plus a couple of extra burgers/sandwiches ($4.00/each).- afterall, my husband and oldest son (who is now 15)  can eat :)
So for us to eat at Mc D's--
$41.50 + 1.72 tax = $43.22 TOTAL  (not to mention the gas to drive to & back)

The comparison?  NY Steaks, a veggie, salad, garlic bread, & milk
$17.85 Steaks (3 large steaks is enough for all of us believe it or not)
     2.25 frozen veggie- 16 oz. white corn or green beans (pop in the microwave to cook)
     3.41 a loaf of pre-made garlic bread (reheat in the oven)
     1.62 1 head of organic romaine lettuce (salad)
     1.42 cherry tomatoes (salad)
        .75 shaved Pecorino Romano cheese (salad) + olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing (homemade of course)
     2.00 1/2 gallon of milk
      4.00 charcoal for the grill plus the incidental electricity/water
$ 33.30 + 1.39 tax = $34.69 TOTAL

I could substitute the milk for Soda (soda pop) and it would probably add a $1.  Still, for nearly $10.00 LESS, my family gets a higher quality dinner at home, not to mention that its healthier.  I know that $35 for dinner isn't cheap by any means... so down the road, I'll post one that's even more budget friendly.

My reasoning for posting this isn't that I'm going "anti- fast food".  Its moreover a realization that eating at home is not only better for your family's health, but also the bank account.

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With that thought... here are a few of my favorite finds from fellow Etsy sellers!

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